Ken Henderson

Ken Henderson

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First Name * Ken
Last Name * Henderson
Username * cgkrusty
Country * Canada
City Comox
Nationality Canadian
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Designer;Matte Painter;Production
Areas of Expertise Digital PaintingGraphic DesignMotion Picture or VideoPost ProductionPre ProductionTelevisonillustration
Preferred Tools AnimationArt DirectionDesignIllustrationTexturingAfter EffectsBlenderFlashIllustratorMayaPainterPhotoshopMatte Painting


Availability: Freelance


I am creative, experienced, adaptable and looking for opportunities that push me to create the best work of my artistic career. I have years of production experience in multiple 2D/3D production environments which help me to create designs that meet visual, production and performance goals.

Conceptualizing worlds is one of my favorite design challenges and one that I have enjoyed throughout my career working on everything from Video Games (LucasArts, Star Trek Online, Gas Powered Games etc.), Animated TV (Beast Machines, StormHawks, Zixx level 3 etc.), Online properties, Kids books and newspaper and magazine illustrations. There is nothing quite as challenging or as fulfilling as designing worlds that will spur the imagination and passions of people. I have created worlds for everything from Graphic novels, Video Games, websites and animated CG TV series. Some of my greatest experiences have come from working with a group of people in a professional environment doing just that.

I think my biggest qualities are my creativity, my experience, my adaptability and my understanding of what it takes to create a successful product. I have been creating art professionally since 1984 and have done almost every type of project within that time frame. This experience, combined with my technical and artistic skills, allows me to adapt to any style of project or project process.

I also love a challenge especially the challenge that comes from creating new worlds. This challenge is multiplied in a production environment where hardware, software and a myriad of other technical and personnel issues come into play. Working together with a production team to overcome those issues makes the challenge worth it. Understanding all of these factors and still being able to deliver a stunning final product, on time, is the biggest challenge of all. And it's one that I enjoy immensely.

My focus now is on the art, the inspiration behind the concepts and the realization of industry leading visuals. I want to inspire and be inspired by the visions of what
could be and the execution and craft that goes into defining those visions.

I'm incredibly excited about the possibilities in front of me and cannot wait to dive into the opportunities ahead.


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